Wilde Halloween – Day 4

Sunday dawned bright and early for me, as again I could not sleep. That’s the way it goes at conventions with me… I sleep when it’s over! Sunday morning’s event was the “Sad to See You Go” breakfast featuring Sad Sally. There was also a mask competition which I did decide to enter! It was my one and only participation event. I must admit, I felt a little “sad” entering the ballroom because I knew the convention was almost over. But I immediately cheered up when I sad the Sad Sally centerpiece. Sew cute!

Gimme All Your Candy!

Gimme All Your Candy!

Amelia, too, dressed up for the occasion, in an outfit made by a lovely lady on eBay, who came up to me and introduced herself at this event. So lucky to have met her!

Such an adorable little dress!

Such an adorable little dress!

Breakfast was a buffet of your usual suspects — eggs, sausage, potatoes, French toast, danish and bagels. Yum! After we ate, we were treated to a “film” starring Robert Tonner himself, Dollhouse of Terror! So funny! Then came the mask contest. I was a little hesitant to go up to the stage to participate, but Thomas poked me until I did. There were so many creative, lovely masks, I didn’t think I had a chance. But! They came down the line and picked out five finalists and I was one of them! Eeee!

The five finalists. I'm second from the right. Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

The five finalists. I’m second from the right. Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

The audience voted for their favorite and though I didn’t win, I did get a lovely consolation prize of a Moon Glow Too wig for Evangeline, which I did not have already! Yay!

After the contest, the event wrapped up pretty quickly and soon it was time to say goodbye. Goodbyes are always hard. It’s nice being with people who “get” your crazy obsession with dolls. I had time to get a picture of me and Thomas before I had to leave.

Aren't we cute? *crickets*

Aren’t we cute? *crickets*

Seeing as how we had a 10-hour drive ahead of us, Dad wanted to get on the road right away. Bless him, he had loaded up the truck while I was at breakfast and soon we were leaving Washington behind us.

Just one half of the back seat of the truck.

Just one half of the back seat of the truck.

We got home about 8:30 p.m. Tennessee time and I fell into bed, exhausted, but having had so much fun. I did manage to take one final photo of all the goodies I brought home with me:

The loot!

The loot!

Now all that’s left to do is find new homes for the new dollies. Easier said than done!

Thank you to everyone who made my experience at the Wilde Halloween convention special, especially Thomas, Doug, Jennifer and Michelle at Wilde! I had a blast and cannot wait until the next one!


Wilde Halloween – Competition Room

The competition room this year was spectacular. I had thought about entering a couple of the categories, but the idea of lugging all those dolls and accessories to Washington was just too much for me to deal with this year. Maybe next year!

dolls 027

Such amazing talent!

dolls 028

I’m not usually one for feathers but this one was divine!

dolls 026

Very Snow Queen-like.

dolls 025

Wish I could have taken some of these home with me! XD

dolls 024

I’m green with envy.

dolls 023

Really like the one on the left here.

dolls 022

The amount of detail in this beadwork gown was incredible.

dolls 021

This one won People’s Choice and I can see why!

dolls 020

Reminds me of Madame du Pompadour.

dolls 019

Halloween-themed beauties!

dolls 018

A stunning bride.

dolls 017

Wherefore art thou, Mortimer?

dolls 016


dolls 015

Another stunning bride!

dolls 014

Loved the before and after Cinderella!

dolls 013

The wig on this one was superb.

dolls 012

Such talent!

dolls 011

A pair of star-crossed lovers.

dolls 010

This one was my favorite of the lot!

dolls 009

Painting the roses red.

dolls 008


dolls 007

Entries in the Madame Tussaud category.

dolls 006

The one with the dogs made me laugh out loud.

dolls 029


So many stunning entries. Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants! :)

Wilde Halloween 2013 – Day 3

Saturday morning started early for me. I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up getting up super early to get downstairs and get in line for the Wilde sales room. I had promised Thomas I would snag him a Blood Moon Winters Evangeline, and as I was eighth in line that morning, getting there more than an hour before the doors opened, I felt it would be no problem. Little did I know, lol.

I spent the hour chatting with some folks I had met at the previous TonnerCon in May — Doug and Jennifer. So much fun! But then, the doors were opened and people rushed inside.  The Evangelines were gone before I could even find them! But Doug found the last Blood Moon Winters, who gave it to Jennifer, who gave it to me so I could give it to Thomas. Who says dollie people aren’t nice in the sales room? I will never again say that, for sure! Thank you, Doug and Jennifer!

The sales room got crowded really quickly, so I did a complete circuit before making my own choices. The Evangeline I wanted was no longer available, so I settled for Feeling Drained Three and Tonner’s Far East Stella #2. I got out of there quickly because I don’t like crowds in small spaces — too many people! XD

You can see me in the back. Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

You can see me in the back. Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

After Thomas, who was staying at a different hotel, arrived, we went back to the raffle room to help out and to put our own tickets in the bags. This time, I put at least one ticket in every bag, but most of my tickets went into One More Time… Evangeline, since I couldn’t get her in the sales room.

I also did a tour around the vendor room where I found two really pretty outfits for Ellowyne. There was more I could have spent money on, but again, I was waiting for the Evangeline lunch to see whether or not I would want the centerpiece. Silly Caroline. Of course I would want the centerpiece.

The Evangeline luncheon was the first event on Saturday. As soon as I walked into the room and saw the centerpiece I knew I was in trouble. Evangeline and mythical creatures! I had to have her!

Dark Seas Evangeline and Dark Forest Mortimer. (I couldn't get a good shot of Full Moon Parnilla.)

Dark Seas Evangeline and Dark Forest Mortimer. (I couldn’t get a good shot of Full Moon Parnilla.)

As the theme was “Fantastical Creatures,” Amelia decided to dress appropriately.

Cute little bunny!

Cute little bunny!

The table gift was the Pumpkin Patch Bustier for Evangeline, which I adore. The “entertainment” for the luncheon was a talent show, where 11 brave men and women got up in front of everyone and either sang or performed a dance number. My favorite was the woman who danced like an old, worn out cat. She was so cute! The winner received a one-of-a-kind Ellowyne, which made me wish I had either a talent or was brave enough to get up in front of people!

Lunch was another buffet, of pasta salads, macaroni, fried chicken, ribs, veggies and other delectables. Nummy!

After lunch, it was back to the raffle room and finally, a tour of the competition room! There were so many beautiful dolls in the competition room, they’ll have to get their own post. I was in awe of the talent!

At 4:30 p.m., the raffle room volunteers gathered to tear down the room and take the dolls to the “staging area,” ready for the raffle later that night.

The big event was held Saturday night, the Ellowyne Monster Mash prom!

Michelle from Wilde!

Michelle from Wilde!

Again, I didn’t dress up, but it was really fun looking at all the neat costumes. The table gift was a box of chocolate truffles, which were really yummy. The “big” gift of the night, was of course the souvenir doll, which we got at the end of the night. Dinner was a service event, and we were served a salad with a raspberry (I think) vinaigrette,  beef and chicken with carrots, asparagus and potatoes, and some kind of chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Nom, nom nom.

Everyone at the tables nominated people for Prom King and Queen and the audience voted. Again, so many talented costumes! Even Amelia came decked out in her finery.

Photo came out all blurry. *pout*

Photo came out all blurry. *pout*

The table centerpiece was a Monster Mash Prom through and through, consisting of Dark Heart Prudence, Lethal Lizette, Totally Misunderstood Rufus and Zombie Prom Amber.

Dark Heart Pru

Dark Heart Pru

Lethal Lizette

Lethal Lizette

Totally Misunderstood Rufus and Zombie Prom Amber

Totally Misunderstood Rufus and Zombie Prom Amber

After the costume contest and a surprise rendition of the “Thriller” dance by the Wilde Imagination/Tonner staff (!), we were given leave to open the souvenir doll, Forever After Ellowyne!

Not the best photo...

Not the best photo…

So pretty! I was in love with her at first sight, especially with the hair! When set up, it looks like horns coming out of her head! So lovely!

The dancing followed the dinner, but Thomas and I headed to the lobby sitting area to get away from the loud music. Neither of us are dancers, lol. We had to stick around because the raffle was coming up! Always a fun time!

Raffle drawings! And I helped!

Raffle drawings! And I helped! Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

One by one the numbers were called. Then, when the Tonner ballerina doll Morning Mist came up, Mr. Tonner called “2902!” No one said anything. Again, “2902!” I blinked, looked at my tickets, and realized that was my number! I won! Hooray! Morning Mist is delightful!

My pretty little dollie!

My pretty little dollie!

Thomas won a Prudence doll as well. All in all, it was a great way to end Saturday!

Wilde Halloween 2013 – Days 1&2

Another doll convention has come and gone. This past weekend, Oct. 18-20, 2013, I attended the Wilde Halloween convention in Tysons Corner, VA, just outside Washington, DC. Once again, Dad accompanied me (and by accompanied, I mean he drove me), though this time he was not attending the convention; he was just along for the ride. We started the trip on Thursday at 3 a.m. Tennessee time. (Ugh! So early!) We only encountered one major snafu, a multi-car pile-up that stopped traffic dead on the interstate for over half an hour. At 6 a.m. In the dark. But afterwards, it was mostly smooth sailing…

…Until we hit DC traffic! Holy cow! I never want to experience that again!

We managed the trip in 11 hours, delays and all, and checked into the lovely Sheraton Premiere around 3 p.m. Washington time. We found our room on the third floor, after walking half a mile to the elevator! (Afterwards, we found the staircase was right close to the lobby and eschewed the elevator for the rest of the weekend.) Amelia immediately set about exploring the room.

Oh look! A telephone!

Oh look! A telephone!

I met up with Thomas (@frozendragon01) after he got in from sightseeing Washington, something Dad and I weren’t about to do in that traffic, and we all had dinner together in the hotel restaurant. So nice to be with friends! Afterwards, there wasn’t much to do but watch a little TV and get ready for the big first day of convention ahead!

I had a bit of a leisurely morning Friday, as I didn’t have to be anywhere until noon. This year, I volunteered to help out with the convention, so I met up with Thomas a little before noon and we headed to the raffle room to help set up. What an experience, seeing the convention from the “other” side! There were so many beautiful dolls being given away during the raffle, we all felt like kids in a candy store opening up all the boxes. The room was a little small for all the wonderful dollies, but we made do. All in all, it took a little over an hour to open all the boxes and organize the dolls into categories. But I had tons of fun helping out! It’s something I hope to do it again someday.

dolls 030

So many pretty dollies up for grabs!

Thomas and Debbie man the raffle room table.

Thomas and Debbie man the raffle room table.

Lunch was a quick cracker snack in the hotel room before registration got underway at 2 p.m. The convention bag was so, so cute and Halloween themed! Inside were the usual convention information packet, name tag and lanyard, pin, a witch-shaped pen and two outfit pieces for Ellowyne! I got the Pulled Together Leopard Skirt and the Pulled Together Cross-Dyed Skirt, neither of which I had! Score!

Sew cute!

Sew cute!

The volunteer meeting was next, and after all the announcements, we were all presented with a thank-you doll, a Does This Make Me Look Too Happy? Ellowyne, which again I had wanted but did not have. I was super impressed that all the volunteers got a doll as a thank-you. I would have been happy to help just to help!

The thank-you doll from Wilde Imagination.

The thank-you doll from Wilde Imagination.

Dad, Thomas and I ventured outside the hotel for dinner, at a place called Noodles and Company. I’d heard of it, but had never seen one. I had some kind of Japanese pan fried noodles which were so yummy! But I couldn’t fill up too much, because there was a dessert event awaiting us that evening.

“Amelia’s Trick or Treat” event was held at 7 p.m. The centerpiece was too cute! Little zombie-fied Amelia and Hamish! I was sorely tempted, as I do love Amelia, but decided to pass for the moment, so as to see what else the weekend had in store.



The table gift was The Witch’s Chapeaux, a delightful witch’s hat for Ellowyne! Dessert was an ice cream sundae bar with cookies and brownies, which was delish. Thomas was our table host, and we had a great table this year! Luckily there were only 8 people at our table, because it would have been a bit crowded with 10.

Our table mates!

Our table mates!


My Amelia, right, and Thomas’ Izzy, left, were table mates #9 and 10. (They didn’t take up much room.)

Door prizes were given away and a “Trick or Treat” game was played. Contestants were chosen by number and table number to play. A wheel was spun and if the person landed on “treat,” they got to pick a free doll! However, if they landed on “trick,” they had to answer a trivia question or perform a trick. So much fun! There was also a costume contest. So much talent was put into the costumes! I had a hard time deciding which ones to vote for!

The crowd!

The crowd!

After the event ended, Thomas and I helped out some in the raffle room and picked up our own tickets. Afterwards, it was time to head back to the ballroom for “The WItching Hour” event, in which the Wilde fall line was shown and Mr. Tonner answered some questions. By the time it was over, the midnight hour was upon us and I knew the next day would start super early, with the opening of the Wilde sales room, so it was bed time for me and Amelia!

Wig parade

I love being on vacation. I have time to play! Someone on the Evangeline Facebook page asked if Sad Sally could wear Evie’s wigs. I wasn’t sure, so this afternoon, I decided to find out. What I discovered is that Sad Sally can wear Evie’s wigs, though they are slightly too big. Ellowyne’s wigs are really too big on her. They can sort-of work, but I think they would fall off easily. I’m no good at judging wig sizes, but I’d say, if the size 6/7 wigs were slightly too big, then Sad Sally would do well in a size 5. But I’ll let those who know more about dolls make the definitive judgment on wig sizes.

Anyway… without further ado, may I present Sad Sally’s Wig Parade!

Sad Sally in Timeless Evangeline's second wig. I think this makes her look adorable!

Sad Sally in Timeless Evangeline’s second wig. I think this makes her look adorable!

Evangeline's Windblown wig. She's got a bit of a Wednesday Addams thing going on! XD

Evangeline’s Windblown wig. She’s got a bit of a Wednesday Addams thing going on! XD

A size 6/7 brunette wig.

A size 6/7 brunette wig.


Purple looks good on Sally! :D

Purple looks good on Sally! :D


Ellowyne's blonde wig (I *think* from Feeling Drained, Too). It's a little too big for her, but it was the only blonde wig I had available.

Ellowyne’s blonde wig (I *think* from Feeling Drained, Too). It’s a little too big for her, but it was the only blonde wig I had available.

I know Sad Sally and I will have lots of fun together in the future. I really can’t wait to see what the dolly seamstresses have in store for Sally!  ^_^

Sad Sally arrives!

At last spring’s Tonner Convention, Wilde Imagination’s Sad Sally made her debut. I instantly fell in love with her big, soulful eyes melancholy expression and yes… all that hair! I preordered her right away, along with all four Sad Sally outfits, as the combo deal was too good to pass up.

Fast forward three months. I must confess, I had almost forgotten about her. Not much has been said about her on the various message boards I frequent. But then I got the call that Sally was finally in and on her way to me. Yay! I couldn’t wait to meet her.

The UPS truck arrived today about 4 p.m. As I happened to be on vacation this week, I had time to immediately unpack and play with her. She is every bit as beautiful as I remember her to be. She is made of resin, which almost makes her glow from within. She arrived in a cute little brown polka dotted dress with striped tights and floral bloomers, arm gauntlets and black shoes. I had to play with her hair a little before it reached the heights it had in the promo pics.

dolls 277

Sad Sally

Her body reminds me a lot of Amelia Thimble, only in a slightly larger scale. Her joints are a little “kicky,” but not as bad as some of the Amelias have been. I will say her head is VERY loose. Pick her up and her head will fall either back or forward. But, stand her up and pose her head and it WILL stay at the angle you pose her in.

She came with four additional outfits. The first of which I tried on, Sad As I Am, I instantly fell in love with. I was also pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get her tights on. I’m used to struggling with Amelia’s tiny little legs! Her shoes also fit very well. No worrying whether or not they’ll fall off! A beautiful outfit altogether.

Sad As I Am

Sad As I Am

The next outfit was NOT A Good Day. It consisted of pink striped tights, a mesh lace under dress and a sweater with a floral decoration. I liked the ensemble, but I didn’t care much for the way the floral decoration kept riding up under Sally’s chin. But it’s still quite fetching.

NOT A Good Day

NOT A Good Day

The third outfit, when I opened it, I didn’t really like at all. It’s called Sad Hearts, and while beautifully made, I’m not a red and black kind of person. And I don’t care much for hearts. But when I tried it on Sally… I instantly fell in love with it! It’s such a cute, fun little dress and suits Sally very well. I also love the black and white striped tights.

Sad Hearts

Sad Hearts

The last dress, So Blue, while very lovely, was such a pain to get on! I always seem to have trouble getting the small dolls’ hands through their tiny little sleeves! But once I got it on, I was smitten. I think this one is easily my favorite of all five of Sad Sally’s available outfits.

So Blue

So Blue

I’m really excited about this new doll line and really cannot wait to see more for her, including, hopefully, wigs! The only thing I can really complain about is the lack of a doll stand. I’m hoping Wilde Imagination will offer them in the future, because while Sad Sally CAN stand on her own, she has a tendency to tumble over. (I think all that hair makes her a tad top-heavy!) overall though, Wilde Imagination has scored a home run with Sad Sally, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store!

TonnerCon 2013 – Day 5

The fourth and last day of the Age of Innocence Tonner Convention started very early for me. I had set the alarm for 5:45 a.m., threw some clothes on, and headed downstairs for the factory sale. Turns out people had been in line for HOURS before I even ventured out of bed!

I was one of the last in line, so the tables were quite picked over before I even got into the room. But I did find a couple of goodies — a Voyage of Wonder Alice and a Little Miss Matched doll. I decided to try my luck a second time, and this time I was closer to the front of the line and scored a Dead Silent Evangeline, Tea Party Crasher Alice and Theadora Curiosity Bennett! Woo!

Pretty soon it was time for the Dr. Seuss breakfast and closing program. So sad for it to be all over! The special guest was the Cat in the Hat himself, and the table centerpiece was so, so Seussian cute!

dolls 084

Very Odd Hunch

dolls 085

Tip of His Hat

dolls 086

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Amelia was sad to say goodbye to new friends.

Amelia was sad to say goodbye to new friends.

Breakfast was delicious and the charity auction of one-of-a-kind dolls was fun to watch, but all too soon it was time to say good-bye.

Thomas and Shannon at breakfast.

Thomas and Shannon at breakfast.

Because of bad weather heading into the area on Monday, Dad and I decided to leave a day early, right after breakfast. It was a long drive home, but I had made so many new friends and new memories and it’ll be an event I won’t forget.

Thank you, everyone, for making me feel welcome and for a great time. Hope to see you in October!