Wilde Weekend 2012 – Day 1

This past weekend, Oct. 5-7, 2012, Wilde Imagination and Tonner Dolls held the very first Wilde Weekend, an event for fans of the Wilde Imagination doll lines to come together and celebrate our crazy obsession.

When the dolls heard I would be going, naturally, they all wanted to go too, but I didn’t have room to bring them all. So I chose Amelia Thimble and Elise (Mistakenly Sad), because I needed an Ellowyne-sized doll for the jewelry workshop. The other dolls grumbled, but were pacified when I told them I’d probably be bringing back new friends and outfits. The mention of outfits perked several of them right up.

Amelia insisted on going to all the events, so she packed up her little house (several times) with all the different outfits she’d be wearing.

“Do you seriously need that many outfits?”
“Uh, duh-doy.”
That’s it. No more “Community” marathons for Amelia.

Amelia, Mom and I set out for Louisville, KY, from our Tennessee home on Oct. 4, as we had signed up for the pre-convention hotel tour of the historic Seelbach Hilton at which we would be staying. (Elise was packed in my suitcase, much to her chagrin.)

“Drive to Nashville and turn right.” Gee, that’s so helpful, Amelia.

Can’t believe we made it to Kentucky without getting lost once.

It was a shock to learn that Louisville was on Eastern time, as we live southeast of there and are on central time. That just made the early events extra early. And I am so not a morning person.

We arrived at the hotel without any trouble and quickly got settled into our rooms.

“I think I’ll sleep right here.” Yeah, I don’t think so, Amelia.

After a bite of supper, the three of us (Elise was still in the suitcase and not happy about it) headed out for the hotel tour….

The murals in the hotel lobby.

Chandelier outside the grand ballroom.

Our tour guide for the evening. You could tell he really loved his job and the hotel.

In the basement is the Rathskeller, decorated completely with rare Rookwood Pottery.


Rookwood pottery Romeo and Juliet balcony.

Mom and Amelia rest their feet after the tour.

The Seelbach is supposedly haunted by the Lady in Blue, but sadly, we did not see her during our stay. The three of us (with Elise STILL in the suitcase) went to bed early, as we knew we would have to get up early the next morning.

to be continued….








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