Wilde Weekend 2012 – Day 3

Saturday started out super early for me. I wanted to hit the WI/Tonner sales room, which opened at 8 (7 central time!) before heading up to my jewelry workshop. The sales room was CRAZY. So many people in one little room. But I understood why as soon as I saw the display of dolls set up to give us a glimpse at the fall line of dolls.

Graveside Flowers Evangeline (resin) with Ellowyne companion doll Rufus in the background.

Ellowyne “A Little Bit Darker” outfit only. I preordered this. *drool*

At left, Woefully Rich Lizette. At right, Bright-Eyed Amber. And in back, Gilded Gloom Ellowyne.

Totally Coolness Lizette.

Amelia Thimble, Izzy and Hamish as Tinkerbell, Wendy and Peter Pan. I may need these. 😉

Evening Rose Capelet and other accessories.

Midnight Waltz Evangeline.

Moon Over Orwell Coat.

Gothic Nightmares outfit. My new Parnilla may need this.

In the Shadows outfit.

Decadent Daydreams Ellowyne (resin).

Evenings in Ipswich. I preordered this one too. I thought she was the most elegant of all the new Evangelines.

There was another resin Evangeline as well, Evening Orchid, which I did not get a photo of, but she was really pretty. I had just enough time to purchase a basic Parnilla before my jewelry workshop began.

The workshop was really interesting, if rather frustrating. Frustrating only because we were working with tiny beads and thin wire and my big fingers were clumsy. We learned how to make a twisted bead necklace with matching earrings and I think my attempt came out OK for a first try. I will definitely have to try it again and get some more practice.

Elise, finally free of the suitcase!, modeling my necklace.

As I was working on twisting the beads into place, a gentleman came up behind me and commented on Elise’s dress. He said he loved it and asked if I had made it. I barely looked up when I answered I hadn’t, that I couldn’t sew. He told me that I seemed to be doing well with the necklace. This time I looked up to thank him and saw that it was ROBERT TONNER speaking to me. Holy crap! I about died. All I could do was mumble a thank you as I was too busy internalizing my fan-girling. I talked to Mr. Tonner! It was one of the highlights of my weekend.

After the workshop, I went back upstairs to the room where Mom was spending a relaxing morning, not having to get up early. We got ready for the Evangeline luncheon, Amelia in tow (she’d slept in as well), and headed downstairs.

Amelia cuddles up to the centerpiece Evangeline.

The centerpiece was AMAZING. I was really, really hoping we’d win it, but alas, it was not to be. But we couldn’t win everything, right? Lunch consisted of a yummy spinach and cranberry salad, chicken and pasta, and the most delicious chocolate and pecan tartlet I’ve ever tasted. The table gift was a beautiful floral hat for Evangeline. I can’t wait to find an outfit to pair it with.

Mom and I spent the afternoon wandering the vendors’ room and the WI sales room; we toured the competition room to see all the amazing dolls that had been entered into competition; and I went into the raffle room to put in my raffle tickets into the bags next to dolls I wouldn’t mind winning. I ended up just putting a few tickets in here and there and the bulk of them into A Dark Night Evangeline. We still had time to kill before dinner, so we spent the rest of the afternoon watching the movie “Stardust” on TV. Little did I know the universe was trying to tell me something… but that’s a story for tomorrow.

The Ellowyne banquet was the one everyone had been waiting for. Our table gift was a basket of pink flowers and pruning shears for Ellowyne to hold. The centerpiece was incredible. It featured Amber as an Iris, Prudence as a Buttercup and Lizette as Ivy.

Three beautiful ladies.

Dinner consisted of possibly the best tomato soup I’ve ever eaten, a lettuce and feta cheese salad, and beef medallions and chicken fillet with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Wine was also served, which both Mom and I declined, but Amelia apparently snuck a sip and spent the evening slumped on the table.

Who knew Amelia was a lush?

After dinner, the wait was over and we finally got to open our souvenir doll, Ellowyne as a Rose. I felt it was fitting, as Rose is my birth flower. Mom and I both received one. We didn’t win the centerpiece, but it didn’t matter. I loved the Rose and she will forever hold a special place in my collection.

to be continued…







2 thoughts on “Wilde Weekend 2012 – Day 3

  1. Oh, you lucky girl! I would have loved to have gone – maybe next year!

  2. futuredoll says:

    Thanks for all the pic’s! Looks like a great time! Loved the you “need” the trio!

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