Wilde Weekend – Days 4 & 5

I forgot to mention in my last entry that after the Ellowyne dinner, everyone headed downstairs to the Rathskeller for an after-dinner dance party. Mom and I ventured down only long enough to grab a bite of dessert, because I have a problem with loud noises. And crowds. I honestly don’t know how I survived the WI sales room…

Besides, I had to go to bed because I had to wake up super, super early for the raffle Sunday morning, which was held at 7:30 a.m. (6:30 central time OMG!). I had put a couple of tickets in for different items and ended up putting the bulk of my tickets into one of my grail Evangelines, A Dark Night. So while Mom (and Amelia) slept in, I dragged myself out of bed for the raffle.

I really wasn’t expecting to win anything. I mean, there were an awful lot of people in the ballroom for the drawing! And as I expected, I didn’t win A Dark Night. However, had I been listening to the universe when I decided to watch “Stardust” on TV the day before, I may not have been as surprised and excited when they called my number for the Star Dust Evangeline!

She’s now my lucky Star (Dust)!

Mom was so excited for me when I returned to the room to pick her up for the Amelia Thimble breakfast. Me? I was over the moon!

We headed downstairs for the last event. The centerpiece was so unbelievably cute I’m surprised I didn’t come away with a toothache. It featured Amelia as a bee, Izzy as a butterfly and Hamish as a little gardener standing on a flower base. Mom fell in love, because her hobby is gardening. So when she won the centerpiece, of course we snatched it up!

Amelia is excited because she has three new friends to play with!

Our table gift was a gardening apron, which Mom also confiscated. Hee! We also received an issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly which featured the convention Ellowyne and Amber on the cover. I may need a subscription to this magazine! Breakfast consisted of a buffet which was delish, but I was a little sad, as this event brought the weekend to a close.

I had so much fun during Wilde Weekend! Even my mom had a lot of fun, more than she thought she would, as she was not a collector. I say was because she’s laid claim to the Amelia centerpiece for her indoor garden. I may have turned her into a doll convention monster. I know I have definitely been bitten by the convention bug.

Sunday night we ate at the Hard Rock Louisville, just so I could get one more Hard Rock under my belt. Went to bed early to get ready for the long drive back to Tennessee in the morning.

Home again, home again…

I would like to thank the hotel staff at the Seelbach for being super-friendly and helpful; the staff of Wilde Imagination and Tonner for throwing an amazing weekend and again for being super-super-friendly; and everyone I met who helped this wallflower come out of her shell just a little bit and being patient with someone who was obviously a newbie. I did not want the weekend to end, but all good things must.

I did take a picture of the loot I brought home with me from Kentucky:

Where on earth am I going to put all this?!?

I came home exhausted, but happy. I can’t wait to attend the next convention and see some of the new friends we made. Until next time!

Exhausted after a fun Wilde Weekend!

One thought on “Wilde Weekend – Days 4 & 5

  1. Monickat/Mkat says:

    So sweet! Thanks for sharing! I too caught the Wilde bug! LOL!

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