Happy Halloween!

You’d think Halloween at my house would be dominated by Evangeline, but she scoffed at the notion. “Every day is Halloween in my world,” she said. I couldn’t disagree with her. Eleanor (Tell-Tale Heart), Amber and Pru, however, decided to get into the spirit of the holiday by posing for some photos.

“Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!”

(Eleanor assured me she was only making soup and not a love spell to cast on Phin. I’m…. not sure I believe her.)


“OK. This is spooky and my candle’s gone out.”

Amber didn’t stay too long once she noticed Eleanor taking “soup” to Phin.

“This place is AWESOME!”

Pru ignored them both and declared the witchy backdrop hers.

Happy Halloween from all those on the Shelf! 😀

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