Collectors United 2012

I had no idea what to expect at me second-ever doll event. I knew it was a lot smaller than Wilde Weekend, but other than that, I didn’t know what was coming. Turns out, what came was a weekend of fun and meeting new friends.

I dragged my mother to the event again. She is becoming more and more interested in dolls, doll collecting and the events we go to. So much so she is getting her first doll for her birthday (shhh, don’t tell). I must give props to my mother for successfully driving in Atlanta-bound traffic and for correctly interpreting my frantic “No, the OTHER lane!” directions. Thanks for being patient with your navigator, Mom.

The hotel was MASSIVE. Thirteen floors and we were on floor #12. Thankfully there were five glass elevators to accommodate all the guests. The hotel was also attached to a huge convention center, which we wandered around aimlessly Friday night after check-in, trying to find where the doll show would be (it was in the hotel, not the convention center). We met two very lovely ladies who were just as lost as we were and were from Chattanooga. Yay! I finally met someone who loved dolls who lived close(ish) to me.

View of the atrium from outside our room on the 12th floor.

The Renaissance Waverly, the “outside-in” hotel.

Saturday was registration, after which, we were allowed to purchase souvenir dolls exclusively for the doll event. I bought the Ellowyne and the Cami, but not Evangeline, as she didn’t “speak” to me. She was lovely, but not my taste. Ellowyne on the other hand… oh! She was absolutely stunning in her gold dress and with her head of curly blonde hair. I’m not partial to blondes as a rule, but she looked truly etherial with her blonde curls and her aqua eyes. Mom helped come up with her name, as I insist on all my Ellowynes’ names start with “El.”

Say hello to Elfina!

The Tonner seminar was a lot of fun. We got to see the Tonner documentary that I hadn’t yet seen, as well as some funny videos and previews of the fall/winter lines. We were even shown a line we weren’t supposed to see and were asked not to talk about. So I won’t say anything other than the new line is an imaginatively beautiful take on a classic.

At dinnerwe were regaled of stories of CU events of years past. Even though this was my first event, it was still fun to hear the stories. We sat with one of the lovely ladies from the Ellowyne Ennui board, Nancy. Again, I was just so excited to meet someone else who had something in common with me! She was so nice and made me feel right at home, which is not easy with my anxiety of people I’ve never met before. Thank you, Nancy! We were entertained by a fun piano player/singer, then given the opportunity to buy more dolls. I picked up a couple more Ellowynes and an extra Cami for a friend, just in case she didn’t have a proxy. I knew she’d want the event Cami.

Sunday was the doll show. So many dolls! So few monies and shelves. Tonner, Madam Alexander, Barbie, antique dolls… you name it. I actually managed to not buy anything, but my mother did buy my Christmas present for me! (Can’t tell you what it is… it’s a secret.)

We left the doll show early in order to visit the Australian Bakery before heading home. Meat pies and vanilla slices… a little taste of home for my Aussie mother. It was a long drive back, but well worth it, as new friends and fun memories were made.

Before ending this, I’d like to say a special thank you to Michelle from the Tonner company. She is just the sweetest person and so easy to talk to. She introduced us to Mr. Tonner – in the elevator of all places, hee! – and gave me a hug when we left. I’ve never been more at ease with a company with such kind, caring people working there. Thank you for another great weekend!

One thought on “Collectors United 2012

  1. DeeDolls says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! I wish they had doll events like this one here in Miami. :-/

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