Hat Day!

This week’s theme over on the Ellowyne Ennui board is hats! I didn’t think I would be participating, as I didn’t think I had any hats worth photographing. My girls, on the other hand, decided to take matters into their own hands, threw on hats that I forgot I had, and demanded a photo shoot.

Eloise refuses to take off the Military Theory outfit. She thinks she’s a great adventurer.


Lizette is also feeling the steampunk vibe.


Amber had a bling-y hat she wanted to share.


But the girl who kicked up the most fuss was Eliza (as usual). She’s been wearing this outfit since we got it and reminded me, rather forcefully, of what a kick-ass hat she’s been wearing after I’d forgotten. Oops.


She also insisted on dragging out her violin, so after the photo shoot, the girls invited the Phins down from the shelf for a hootenanny. I left them to it.

One thought on “Hat Day!

  1. futuredoll says:

    You get points for incorporating “hootenanny” into your blog post! Gotta love a pretty girl in a hat!

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