Wilde Workday

This past Wednesday, Feb. 6, was Take Your Dolly to Work Day. (Totally made-up holiday… any excuse, yeah?) So I went to the shelves and asked who would like to go with me. Not surprisingly most declined the offer. They cited the amount of complaining I do and the fear of getting their dresses dirty with newsprint. Valid reasons. I was about to lose hope when the little voice of Amelia Thimble piped up and volunteered to go with me. So it was off to work we went.

First order of business, checking email. Amelia took a ride on the mouse while I downloaded all the news submissions for the day.
Next, Amelia helped me type church news submissions… it was like watching a miniature game of twister.

After finishing up the church news, it was time for a “brain break.” We hopped on Facebook for a few minutes to find the 2013 Tonner Mainline release already up!

“Oooh! Oooh! Buy this one!”
“On second thought, buy them all!”

After we cleaned the drool off the computer screen (and a bit of the keyboard), Amelia decided to go exploring.

“Hey, what’s in here?”

After fishing Amelia out of the candy Tardis, she found my pencil holder.

No, Amelia! Don’t pull the pin!

Thankfully, I managed to keep Amelia from any more trouble until lunch time.

Mmmm, sammich!

Lunch passed without incident, and then it was back to work. Time for newspaper layout!

Amelia was very helpful in helping me place entertainment articles on the page.

Pagination can be a bit monotonous, so after a while, Amelia left me to it and made a new friend.

Itty-Bitty Buddha! “He’s smaller than me!”

After layout was done, it was time for a caffeine break.

Nectar of the gods!

As I had gotten done early, I decided to give Amelia a tour of the building. At the front desk, another friend was made.

Her name is Otter Readmore. She’s the paper’s mascot… sort of. Frankly, I find her kind of creepy.

Finally, our long workday came to an end.

Tell me about it, Amelia.

I’d like to thank Amelia for coming to work with me, and for not getting into too much trouble. (And for not getting newsprint on her outfit!) She returned home with me exhausted, but happy. And ecstatic over getting her own blog post. (I think the other dolls are a wee bit jealous now. Oh, well!)

4 thoughts on “Wilde Workday

  1. frankie says:

    wonderful little story. how did you get Amelia to stand on the Rose?

  2. mischiefandherdolls says:

    Awww, this is absolutely adorable. Although I don’t know how anything that involves Amelia Thimble could be anything but. I love the mug in the final photo. 🙂

  3. Char says:

    Its official, I need Amelia!

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