TonnerCon 2013 – Day 3

I began my second day of TonnerCon in the sales room, followed by a visit to the special exhibit room and competition room.

I was after only one doll in the sales room, Serious Intention Ellowyne, which I found with no problem. I’ve found at these events that doll collectors are very friendly and nice to one another… until you hit the sales room. Then it’s every collector for herself! Hee hee.

The special exhibit room was amazing. Most of the dolls inside I had never seen before in person and probably never will again. I even saw some of my grail dolls. Too bad the volunteer staff wouldn’t let me smuggle some of them out of there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is as close to Blithe Spirit as I'll ever get. *sigh*

This is as close to Blithe Spirit as I’ll ever get. *sigh*

dolls 024

A lovely 22 inch American Model girl.

dolls 026

Too bad Mom couldn’t see this one. She loves Mary Engelbreit!

dolls 028

I didn’t get into doll collecting until after the Memoirs of a Geisha dolls came out. Alas!

After visiting the exhibits and the competition rooms, I picked up my raffle tickets and put them into the raffles for most of the dolls in the raffle room. There were so many beautiful dollies up for grabs! I can’t believe I didn’t take any photos!

After a while, it was time for the Wilde Innocence brunch! I was looking forward to this one because most of my collection consists of Wilde Imagination dolls. And the centerpieces did not disappoint.

dolls 033

Our table had Dark Innocence Evangeline and Parnilla. This is Evangeline. My photo of Parnilla did not turn out so well, unfortunately.

Our table gift was a beautiful cameo pin. I wanted the centerpiece, but alas, did not win it.

The program introduced a new line of dolls for Wilde Imagination, Sad Sally. She’s so cute! She’s 7 inches tall and made of resin. As of the convention, they had only made Sad Sally and four outfits for her, which I pre-0rdered later. I love her sad, soulful eyes!

After the brunch, I went back into the sales room to get better photos of the centerpiece dolls.

dolls 034

A Seuss basic doll. So cute!

dolls 036

Dark Innocence Evangeline and Parnilla.

dolls 037

Picking Up the Pieces Again Prudence, Falling to Pieces Ellowyne and All Good Lizette.

dolls 038

Sad Sally! ๐Ÿ˜€

I spent the afternoon wandering the sales rooms and the lobby before heading upstairs for a quick nap before the next event — the Great Scott dinner!

Honoring F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the centerpiece for the dinner was marvelous.

dolls 040

Jay Gatsby, Zelda and Myrtle.

dolls 041

Even Amelia got in on the dress-up action!

Our table gift was a champagne glass with the Age of Innocence logo on the side. After a delicious, traditional 1920s meal of Waldorf salad and roast beef, and the costume contest, we were treated to a special program featuring the Roaring ’20s Dancers. My, how they danced! Like something straight out ofย Chicago! Which was appropriate, given where we were!

Finally it was time for the grand opening of our souvenir doll — Daisy!



What a beautiful doll! And a Cami head sculpt as well, which was great for me as I collect Cami! Tonner has really outdone themselves with the dolls thus far. After dinner, we went up to the room, exhausted but happy. At least I was… Dad was probably just happy it was over for the day, tee hee.

Bring on the third day!

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