TonnerCon 2013 – Days 1&2

This past weekend, May 16-19, I attended my very first Tonner Convention, The Age of Innocence. I had been looking forward to this event for months, and it certainly did not disappoint!

We headed out for Lombard, IL, outside of Chicago, at 3:30 a.m. Tennessee time on Wednesday, May 15. I managed to stay awake the whole time, as did Amelia.


“On the road again…”

We arrived safely in Lombard exactly 12 hours later. We got checked into the hotel and explored the area a bit, as the convention didn’t start until Thursday. Had dinner at the mall food court before retiring for the night, ready for the fun to start.

We awoke bright and early the next morning, but of course, registration did not begin until 2 p.m. So Amelia and I dressed and went downstairs to hang out in the lobby for awhile, to people watch and see if we could find anyone we knew.


“Check out the hotel lobby waterfall!”

In short order, Sheliah (@Ianthe_Shelley) came up and introduced herself to me. Also met up with Thomas (@frozendragon01) and Lance (@lancexenos). Love seeing new friends!

Pretty soon it was time for registration and the TonnerCon bag o’ goodies!


Amelia claimed Dad’s bag as her own.

Inside were the usual paperwork, schedule, con badge, etc., along with a cute Age of Innocence pin and an Ellowyne jacket! Dad and I lucked out and got two different jackets each. I got the Seafoam Jacket and Dad got the Blustery Peacoat. I asked Dad if he’d like to keep his, but he declined. *grin*

The first event was later that evening… a dessert event called “I Want Candy.” I believe everyone walked away from the event with a few cavities that night! The centerpiece was deliciously lovely!


“I claim this Reese’s in the name of Ameila!”


Kandy Kane


Cotton Candy


Loli Pop

I got to meet Shannon (@ipaintdolls)! She was at our table, along with three other lovely ladies.

The program consisted of a Jeopardy-style contest about Tonner history. I’m glad I wasn’t up on stage. I knew exactly two of the questions!


So glad it wasn’t me up there!

After the program, we were all given a companion doll, Too Sweet. Silly me forgot to snap a picture of my doll, but I got one when I went into the sales room the next morning.


Too Sweet!

After the event, I quickly ran upstairs to grab my competition entries, two photos and a craft entry. The entry process was somewhat painful and slow, but I got them entered and headed over to the vendor sales room, where I purchased a lovely outfit for Ellowyne and a cute little dress for Amelia. Then it was off to bed to get ready for the next day’s events.

2 thoughts on “TonnerCon 2013 – Days 1&2

  1. It was wonderful getting to meet and spend time with you, Caroline! You and your sweet Dad were delightful! 🙂

  2. futuredoll says:

    Love this-look forward to more posts! I felt like I was there. You meet quite a few of my twitter friends-I am so jealous! Cheers- Sarah

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