Wilde Halloween 2013 – Day 3

Saturday morning started early for me. I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up getting up super early to get downstairs and get in line for the Wilde sales room. I had promised Thomas I would snag him a Blood Moon Winters Evangeline, and as I was eighth in line that morning, getting there more than an hour before the doors opened, I felt it would be no problem. Little did I know, lol.

I spent the hour chatting with some folks I had met at the previous TonnerCon in May — Doug and Jennifer. So much fun! But then, the doors were opened and people rushed inside.  The Evangelines were gone before I could even find them! But Doug found the last Blood Moon Winters, who gave it to Jennifer, who gave it to me so I could give it to Thomas. Who says dollie people aren’t nice in the sales room? I will never again say that, for sure! Thank you, Doug and Jennifer!

The sales room got crowded really quickly, so I did a complete circuit before making my own choices. The Evangeline I wanted was no longer available, so I settled for Feeling Drained Three and Tonner’s Far East Stella #2. I got out of there quickly because I don’t like crowds in small spaces — too many people! XD

You can see me in the back. Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

You can see me in the back. Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

After Thomas, who was staying at a different hotel, arrived, we went back to the raffle room to help out and to put our own tickets in the bags. This time, I put at least one ticket in every bag, but most of my tickets went into One More Time… Evangeline, since I couldn’t get her in the sales room.

I also did a tour around the vendor room where I found two really pretty outfits for Ellowyne. There was more I could have spent money on, but again, I was waiting for the Evangeline lunch to see whether or not I would want the centerpiece. Silly Caroline. Of course I would want the centerpiece.

The Evangeline luncheon was the first event on Saturday. As soon as I walked into the room and saw the centerpiece I knew I was in trouble. Evangeline and mythical creatures! I had to have her!

Dark Seas Evangeline and Dark Forest Mortimer. (I couldn't get a good shot of Full Moon Parnilla.)

Dark Seas Evangeline and Dark Forest Mortimer. (I couldn’t get a good shot of Full Moon Parnilla.)

As the theme was “Fantastical Creatures,” Amelia decided to dress appropriately.

Cute little bunny!

Cute little bunny!

The table gift was the Pumpkin Patch Bustier for Evangeline, which I adore. The “entertainment” for the luncheon was a talent show, where 11 brave men and women got up in front of everyone and either sang or performed a dance number. My favorite was the woman who danced like an old, worn out cat. She was so cute! The winner received a one-of-a-kind Ellowyne, which made me wish I had either a talent or was brave enough to get up in front of people!

Lunch was another buffet, of pasta salads, macaroni, fried chicken, ribs, veggies and other delectables. Nummy!

After lunch, it was back to the raffle room and finally, a tour of the competition room! There were so many beautiful dolls in the competition room, they’ll have to get their own post. I was in awe of the talent!

At 4:30 p.m., the raffle room volunteers gathered to tear down the room and take the dolls to the “staging area,” ready for the raffle later that night.

The big event was held Saturday night, the Ellowyne Monster Mash prom!

Michelle from Wilde!

Michelle from Wilde!

Again, I didn’t dress up, but it was really fun looking at all the neat costumes. The table gift was a box of chocolate truffles, which were really yummy. The “big” gift of the night, was of course the souvenir doll, which we got at the end of the night. Dinner was a service event, and we were served a salad with a raspberry (I think) vinaigrette,  beef and chicken with carrots, asparagus and potatoes, and some kind of chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Nom, nom nom.

Everyone at the tables nominated people for Prom King and Queen and the audience voted. Again, so many talented costumes! Even Amelia came decked out in her finery.

Photo came out all blurry. *pout*

Photo came out all blurry. *pout*

The table centerpiece was a Monster Mash Prom through and through, consisting of Dark Heart Prudence, Lethal Lizette, Totally Misunderstood Rufus and Zombie Prom Amber.

Dark Heart Pru

Dark Heart Pru

Lethal Lizette

Lethal Lizette

Totally Misunderstood Rufus and Zombie Prom Amber

Totally Misunderstood Rufus and Zombie Prom Amber

After the costume contest and a surprise rendition of the “Thriller” dance by the Wilde Imagination/Tonner staff (!), we were given leave to open the souvenir doll, Forever After Ellowyne!

Not the best photo...

Not the best photo…

So pretty! I was in love with her at first sight, especially with the hair! When set up, it looks like horns coming out of her head! So lovely!

The dancing followed the dinner, but Thomas and I headed to the lobby sitting area to get away from the loud music. Neither of us are dancers, lol. We had to stick around because the raffle was coming up! Always a fun time!

Raffle drawings! And I helped!

Raffle drawings! And I helped! Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

One by one the numbers were called. Then, when the Tonner ballerina doll Morning Mist came up, Mr. Tonner called “2902!” No one said anything. Again, “2902!” I blinked, looked at my tickets, and realized that was my number! I won! Hooray! Morning Mist is delightful!

My pretty little dollie!

My pretty little dollie!

Thomas won a Prudence doll as well. All in all, it was a great way to end Saturday!

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