Wilde Halloween – Competition Room

The competition room this year was spectacular. I had thought about entering a couple of the categories, but the idea of lugging all those dolls and accessories to Washington was just too much for me to deal with this year. Maybe next year!

dolls 027

Such amazing talent!

dolls 028

I’m not usually one for feathers but this one was divine!

dolls 026

Very Snow Queen-like.

dolls 025

Wish I could have taken some of these home with me! XD

dolls 024

I’m green with envy.

dolls 023

Really like the one on the left here.

dolls 022

The amount of detail in this beadwork gown was incredible.

dolls 021

This one won People’s Choice and I can see why!

dolls 020

Reminds me of Madame du Pompadour.

dolls 019

Halloween-themed beauties!

dolls 018

A stunning bride.

dolls 017

Wherefore art thou, Mortimer?

dolls 016


dolls 015

Another stunning bride!

dolls 014

Loved the before and after Cinderella!

dolls 013

The wig on this one was superb.

dolls 012

Such talent!

dolls 011

A pair of star-crossed lovers.

dolls 010

This one was my favorite of the lot!

dolls 009

Painting the roses red.

dolls 008


dolls 007

Entries in the Madame Tussaud category.

dolls 006

The one with the dogs made me laugh out loud.

dolls 029


So many stunning entries. Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants! 🙂

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