TonnerCon 2015: Guilty Pleasures — News from the convention

Several exciting tidbits were talked about during the Q&A portions of the convention. I felt they deserved their own separate entry.

There are three new lines coming out later this year (hopefully) that sounded quite intriguing. The first one talked about was a new line for Wilde Imagination called Miette. I suppose this new line is the reason the Amelia Thimble line is being retired. (*SOB*). She sounds intriguing. She’s a new face sculpt on the Chic body. She’s the daughter of the mayor of a small town in southern France that can’t be found on any map. The line looked and sounded like it was very inspired by fairy tales as well as old movies such as the Alice in Wonderland movie from the 1930s. I’m very much looking forward to this line, as fantasy-themed dolls are very much a part of my collection.

Not the best photo, sorry!

Not the best photo, sorry!

A new line for Tonner, in the same vein as the new Marley Wentworth line, will be the DeeDee Denton line. She is the granddaughter of DeeAnna Denton, the chewing gum heiress. Whereas DeeAnna was a fashion icon of the 1950s, her granddaughter DeeDee is a modern girl — and a reality show star. DeeDee will be on the 17-inch Lara Croft body.

The other new line discussed was Agatha Primrose, described as being “adorkable.” She will be on the Revlon body. Agatha is a young girl who is into fashion and pop culture. Can’t wait to see this one!

In other news, Tonner will be expanding to mass produce a line of dolls for Walmart and Hallmark, called My Imagination. They are about the same size as the American Girl dolls and can wear the same clothing.

The Carmen Dell’Orefice line has ended with just the one doll. Mr. Tonner said Ms. Dell’Orefice was a lovely person, but hard to work with creatively when it came to fashions for the dolls.

The Harry Potter line will be returning with the large scale dolls, to round out some characters they hadn’t done yet.

There will be more Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz dolls down the line as well.

Licensing for character dolls has gotten a lot trickier in recent years, so there probably won’t be as many character dolls  from Tonner in the future, although there are plans for more dolls from the DC line and Leonard and Penny from “The Big Bang Theory” will be out later this year.

Next year’s convention will be June 2-5, 2016, in Columbus, OH, and it will be big as Tonner will be celebrating their 25th anniversary. (That’s also the weekend I turn 40, so now I have to go!)

Can’t wait to see what else Tonner Dolls and Wilde Imagination has planned for the future!

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