WildeCon 2015: Royals Gone Wilde – Days 1&2

After attending the 2015 TonnerCon: Guilty Pleasures in Dallas, TX, at the end of May, I started counting down the days until WildeCon. It was 17 long, long weeks from signing up to the convention itself, but I spent that time finding the perfect outfits for Amelia to wear, working on my first-ever competition entries and even picking out costumes for myself!

WildeCon this year was held Oct. 16-18 at the beautiful Sheraton in Framingham, MA. I’ve never been to Massachusetts before, and the thought of flying into Boston Logan airport scared me to death. But, I figured if I could navigate LAX, I could find my way around Logan. Hopefully.

Day One

This time out, I made sure to get a midday flight so I wouldn’t have to get up three hours before dawn. As it was, I got up at dawn to make it to the airport by 10:30 a.m. for my noon flight out of Nashville. I flew Southwest again, and I must say, I really like them. Cheap, free bags and open seating! Flight was uneventful and we landed in Boston a few minutes early. This is, of course, where I could feel the panic starting to creep in. I was alone in an unfamiliar city and I somehow had to find my ride in the craziness of it all!

I collected my bag and wandered around outside for a good 15 minutes before I spotted the chartered van I had hired to get me to the hotel. That was an adventure unto itself. There was a case of mistaken reservations on behalf of some other riders, which kept us at the airport for over an hour while the driver tried to figure it out. After that, it was TRAFFIC HELL. Rush hour traffic in Boston is… ugh. It took about an hour and a half to get to the hotel. Checked in around 6 p.m., and as I hadn’t eaten all day, my first stop after dumping my bags was the hotel restaurant. Where I paid $17 for a turkey sandwich. *cries* But, it was a damn good turkey sandwich.

After dinner, it was time to explore, to see where everything would be held the next day.

IMG_0334 1

The beautiful hotel lobby.

Look! It's a castle!

Look! It’s a castle!

It's a castle in autumn!

It’s a castle in autumn!

With fire in the walls!

With fire in the walls!

And fancy-shmancy elevators!

And fancy-shmancy elevators!

And super-long hallways leading to the ballrooms!

And super-long hallways leading to the ballrooms!

After exploring, I set out my costume pieces for the first day of the convention, dressed Amelia in her fancy duds and settled in until morning…


Day Two

After a leisurely breakfast in the hotel dining room, a yummy buffet of all my favorites — eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast and other goodies, all that was left to do was wait until noon before the weekend officially got under way. I headed down to the hotel’s lower level to help set up the competition room, where I had been assigned to volunteer this year! I finally got to meet the fabulous Meg Hunt and discovered we share the same birthday! Room set-up went quickly, so it was back to the restaurant for lunch.

And then… registration opened! Convention attendees got a pretty little red bag (red for royalty) with the usual goodies, a pen, an issue of Haute Doll, lanyard, pin and even a temporary tattoo! So cute! I was running late for registration, as I wanted to finish my burger, so I missed the crowds completely! I felt like I was the only one attending!

Around 4 p.m. the volunteers gathered for the volunteer meeting. Most of the competition folks left early, but as I was taking Thomas Lake’s place this year as table hostess, I had to stay behind to see what to do. As thanks for volunteering, we were all given the Brrooties Ellowyne, a doll I had liked but had not purchased. Score!

Entering dolls into competition began straight away, and it was madness! But, my little group was amazing. I’d especially like to thank Dana and Diana for helping me out and showing me what to do! We got all the dolls registered and set up and everyone’s photo taken in no time. Which was great because I had to get ready for the first event!

The Competition Room crew!

The Competition Room crew!

The dress I had purchased for the Royal Miette event was a bit problematic, but I made it work! I spent weeks looking for the perfect tiara to match my elf ears. I had to hurry into my costume to be ready for my hostess duties! But Amelia and I both made it on time.

Princess Caroline. *grin*

Princess Caroline. *grin*

Didn't get a photo of my full costume, but I'm on the far left so you can get an idea...

Didn’t get a photo of my full costume, but I’m on the far left so you can get an idea…

Miette is a new line for Wilde Imagination, and this event would be the first time any of us saw her. She’s stunning!

A regal queen...

A regal queen…

Amelia is my constant companion at these conventions, and she likes to dress for the theme.

Princess Amelia! *grin*

Princess Amelia! *grin*

The table gift was the Simply Royal robe, designed for Miette, but could easily work for your other royally-inclined dolls as well.

I love (faux) fur!

I love (faux) fur!

At the appointed hour, the crowds were let in. The first event had begun! It was a dessert event, so everyone nibbled on sweets while we got to know each other. I had “met” a couple of people at my table on Facebook, but had never actually met any of them in person. But I got lucky — I’m convinced Table 7 was the best table!

I mean, look at all these sexy people!

I mean, look at all these sexy people!

There was a few announcements from Wilde and a message from “The Queen.” One of the sweet ladies won a door prize and Derek went home with the centerpiece. There was a costume contest, which I entered, but didn’t make the finals, and ballots to cast your vote for Homecoming King and Queen — and to my surprise, I was a member of the Homecoming Court! But I’m not really a people person, so I didn’t campaign as hard as I could have. *grin*

After the event, the Raffle and Vendor Sales rooms opened. I picked up my tickets in the Raffle Room and had a look at all the lovely dolls I could try for. But I decided to wait until the next day to put in my tickets.

So many dollies to win!

So many dollies to win!

The Vendor Sales Room was a mad-house! But I braved the crowds to score a new dress each for Ellowyne, Evangeline and Sad Sally. I also took a moment to drool over Peggy Foggio’s repaints. Peggy had also entered a number of dolls in the Competition Room as well (more on that later).

Look at these beauties!

Look at these beauties!

I mean, seriously...

I mean, seriously…

It was close to 11 p.m. by the time I got back to my room, and I still had so much to do! Dress Amelia in her outfit for the brunch event, tear up my raffle tickets and lay out my costume for the next day. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


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