WildeCon 2015: Royals Gone Wilde — Days 4&5

Day 4

Morning came super early for the last day of the Royals Gone Wilde convention. I had decided to purchase just one of the other Homecoming dolls to go with my Ellowyne, so before the final event, I moseyed down to the sales room to make my choice. I had decided on either Prudence or Amber, but I needed to see them up close one final time before deciding.

Why can't I just get all three? *whine*

Why can’t I just get all three? *whine*

In the end, I decided on Princess Amber, the red-head in the purple dress. I just love purple!

The final event was a breakfast buffet, with the theme of Charlie Meets the Queen of Hearts. This was actually featuring the Tonner My Wonderland line, a Re-Imagination of Alice in Wonderland. We were asked to wear a T-shirt of our favorite band, so in keeping with the royalty theme, I of course chose Queen.

And Amelia chose to show off her love of British punk.

And Amelia chose to show off her love of British punk.

The centerpiece was the band Stacked Deck, featuring Aiko, Sydney and Charlotte.

Stacked Deck Spade

Stacked Deck Spade

Stacked Deck Heart

Stacked Deck Heart

Stacked Deck Club

Stacked Deck Club

The table favor was an awesome electric guitar for the girls to jam on.

There was also a cherry red one.

There was also a cherry red one.

There was a final farewell message from the queen, and everyone who had entered the competition had their photos on the big screen.

Look, there's me!

Look, there’s me!

As the cherry on top, I also won the final door prize of the convention, the amazing Velvet Sunset outfit for Evangeline, which I did not have!

I won so much crap!

I won so much crap!

Goodbyes were sadly said and the convention was over for another year. I went to the sales room one last time to pick up a doll for a friend and to get a box to ship my goodies home via UPS.

The rest of the afternoon was spent packing up and having a wander of the hotel. Amelia wanted one last photo…

Look how cute she is!

Look how cute she is!

I found the pool, and after lunch I decided to take a dunk. It was indoor and heated and I was the only one there, so I had a leisurely swim before heading back to the room for a “Law & Order” marathon before turning in for my last night at the beautiful Sheraton Framingham.

Day 5

Was up and at ’em early for a continental breakfast before check-out. My van was a little late in picking me up, so I was super nervous, worrying if I’d be able to get to the airport on time to fight security and find my gate. But traffic back to Boston was much less at 10 a.m. than it had been Thursday evening rush hour, so I made it with plenty of time to spare. Check-in and security were a breeze, the flight was on time and even landed a little early in Nashville. Dear old Dad was there to pick me up and drive me home.

I usually post a photo of all the “loot” I had gotten at the convention, but silly me unpacked everything and found homes for the dolls before I remembered to do so. I so another post later on the dolls out of their boxes, posing in the yard.

Until then, I’d like to thank the staff at Tonner/Wilde Imagination for another amazing weekend. I think it was the best since my very first one. I’d also like to thank my awesome table-mates for, well, just being awesome. I hope to see so many of you in Columbus in June!


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