Tonner 25th Anniversary Convention — Days 4-6

Day 4

The final day of the convention was also an auspicious occasion… my 40th birthday. Woke up to a ton of messages on Facebook, which made me feel loved, before getting ready and heading down to the sales rooms to pick up the Comic-Con Alice Primrose for a friend. And as soon as I entered and Tonner’s Michelle saw me, she had the entire room sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. It was both embarrassing and lovely at the same time!

The first event of the day was the Cheery Mary Engelbreit luncheon. Which was a Big Deal to Mom, as she has been a ME collector going on 20 years now. The lady herself was there! We got to hear and see her creative process, and see the reintroduction to the Ann Estelle line.

Mary Engelbreit and Robert Tonner answer audience questions.

Mary Engelbreit and Robert Tonner answer audience questions.


Two new versions of Ann Estelle, the classic little girl and Ann as a teenager.

Two new versions of Ann Estelle, the classic little girl and Ann as a teenager.

Mom bought her very first doll, the classic Ann Estelle doll! I admit, I kind of prodded her into buying the doll, but I knew she wanted it, especially since the doll matched our table gift, a Mary E. print in a little acrylic frame.

Table centerpiece -- a My Generation girl in a Mary Engelbreit outfit.

Table centerpiece — a My Generation girl in a Mary Engelbreit outfit.


Amelia even matched the tablecloth!

Amelia even matched the tablecloth!

After the lunch, Mom and I got in line to have a couple of her Mary Engelbreit books signed. She was such a nice lady! Mom also had Ann Estelle’s butt signed by both Mary and Robert. Tee hee!

The afternoon rolled around, and I was supposed to attend another workshop, but I just wasn’t feeling well at that point. I managed to get some things mailed home via UPS, but I skipped the workshop in order to take a little nap. The final event of the convention was coming up and I didn’t want to miss it!

And I’m so glad I didn’t! The final, grand event was amazing. On every single table was a one-of-a-kind doll, celebrating Tonner’s 25 years, being “dressed” by fashion designer Tyler Wentworth.

This was our centerpiece. I wanted her, but wasn't fortunate enough to win her.

This was our centerpiece. I wanted her, but wasn’t fortunate enough to win her.

The table gift was a stunning jewelry set, of “diamond” earrings and necklace for the girls. (Mine are still fighting over it, so it’s put away until they can come to an agreement. *g*)

Amelia dressed in her Silver Anniversary togs!

Amelia dressed in her Silver Anniversary togs!

But the highlight of the evening was a fashion show, with models dressed in Robert Tonner’s designs, some familiar, some new. I’ve always been intrigued by fashion, even if I don’t follow it, or care what I wear myself. It was such fun to see real-people fashion on display!

At last, it was time for the big reveal… the souvenir doll! A fashion doll with a face sculpt created just for this convention and will never be used again… AND I DIDN’T TAKE A PICTURE OF HER. Ugh, I’m slacking! So I’m “borrowing” one from the Tonner website…

A true Celebration!

A true Celebration!

Even the box was amazing… magnetic closure and every one was signed by Mr. Tonner!

The evening was capped off with a pajama party (where I gave away my quilling piece) and the RAFFLE! Now, I have attended three Wilde conventions and three Tonner conventions. I always win at Wilde. I never win at Tonner. And that proved true this time. I didn’t win a thing.

Mom, on the other hand, won TWO.

Deja Vu Aahmas and Agatha Primrose Want to Dance?

Deja Vu Aahmas and Agatha Primrose Want to Dance?

They are amazing! And Mom is my lucky charm! Happy birthday to me! 😀

It’s always sad when the convention is over, but most of us were hanging around for one more day… After all, the Mid-Ohio Doll Show was being held at the hotel on Sunday!

Days 5&6

Mom slept in, while I went down to explore the doll show. So. Many. Dolls. Antique dolls. Barbie. Madame Alexander. Tonner. Doll dresses. Prams. Furniture. Teddy bears and old toys. It was… overwhelming. I don’t do so well in crowds, but I made it all the way around the room twice. Go me! Picked up a stunning dress for the Deja Vu dolls, which I don’t have yet, but will have to pick up soon. Also found a teeny-tiny fairy doll for Mom, as she collects fairies. And then I found this….

Weirdly adorbs!

Weirdly adorbs!

I took my spoils back to the room where Mom and I hung out for while before heading out to eat a celebratory birthday dinner at P.F. Chang’s. Where I had never eaten before but fell in love. I said my goodbyes to a few people back at the hotel before returning to the room to finish packing.

The next morning, we had a leisurely breakfast of leftover P.F. Chang dessert (yum) before checking out and heading to the airport. We met up with Thomas and Lance who were waiting for their flight to Texas. It’s so wonderful to be able to spend time with friends who live so far away! But all too soon, they boarded their plane and we boarded ours and it was time to leave Columbus behind.

Such a wonderful, amazing time! I say that about all the conventions, but it really is awesome to just let loose and talk dollies for a few days every year.

Until we meet again! ❤

Das loot.

Das loot.

Tonner 25th Anniversary Convention — Competition & Exhibit Rooms

Competition Room

There were so many great entries in the competition categories this year! Too much, really, to go into great detail, so I’ll just post pics to ooh and aah over.

But first, my entries. As I have said before, I cannot sew. Wouldn’t have the first clue how to make a pattern. But this  year, there was a category for making a dress entirely out of paper. I do OK with paper crafts, so I thought I would give it a shot…

My paper dress entry.

My paper dress entry.

The base of the dress is yellow tissue paper. All the flowers were handmade (and took 2 days!!) by me and glue to the dress. I added a little bling and some glitter and voila! I wish the glitter showed up in the photo. The yellow skirt sparkles when you turn her.

The other category I was able to enter was the craft category. I’d recently taken up quilling, or paper filigree, so I thought I’d do an homage to Tonner’s “Believe in the Power of Play.”

Not too shabby for my second-ever attempt at quilling I think.

Not too shabby for my second-ever attempt at quilling I think.

Amazingly, I won third place for this! And someone at the convention liked it so much, she wanted to buy it. I ended up just giving it to her, as I had no idea of a price to put on it. And it was my birthday. I like to give gifts on my birthday.

And now for some of the other amazing entries…

IMG_0286 2

IMG_0288 2

IMG_0289 2

IMG_0290 2

IMG_0291 2

IMG_0293 2

IMG_0294 2

IMG_0295 2

IMG_0296 2

IMG_0297 2

IMG_0298 2

IMG_0299 2

IMG_0300 2

IMG_0301 2

IMG_0302 2

IMG_0303 2

IMG_0305 2

IMG_0306 2

IMG_0307 2

IMG_0308 2

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Special Exhibit Room

The special exhibit this year was a look back at Tonner’s 25 amazing years of creating dolls. I tried to bribe the security guards to look the other way on a couple of things, but alas, they were all too honest. 😉

IMG_0311 2

IMG_0312 2

IMG_0313 2

IMG_0314 2

IMG_0315 2

IMG_0316 2

IMG_0317 1

IMG_0318 2

IMG_0322 2

IMG_0323 2

IMG_0324 2

IMG_0325 2

IMG_0326 2

IMG_0327 2

IMG_0328 2

IMG_0329 2

IMG_0330 2

IMG_0331 2

Such an amazingly talented team, to come up with so many beautiful creations! I only wish I had started collecting earlier, as many of these were long gone before I even discovered Tonner. But it was wonderful to see them in person!