Tonner 25th Anniversary Convention — Competition & Exhibit Rooms

Competition Room

There were so many great entries in the competition categories this year! Too much, really, to go into great detail, so I’ll just post pics to ooh and aah over.

But first, my entries. As I have said before, I cannot sew. Wouldn’t have the first clue how to make a pattern. But this  year, there was a category for making a dress entirely out of paper. I do OK with paper crafts, so I thought I would give it a shot…

My paper dress entry.

My paper dress entry.

The base of the dress is yellow tissue paper. All the flowers were handmade (and took 2 days!!) by me and glue to the dress. I added a little bling and some glitter and voila! I wish the glitter showed up in the photo. The yellow skirt sparkles when you turn her.

The other category I was able to enter was the craft category. I’d recently taken up quilling, or paper filigree, so I thought I’d do an homage to Tonner’s “Believe in the Power of Play.”

Not too shabby for my second-ever attempt at quilling I think.

Not too shabby for my second-ever attempt at quilling I think.

Amazingly, I won third place for this! And someone at the convention liked it so much, she wanted to buy it. I ended up just giving it to her, as I had no idea of a price to put on it. And it was my birthday. I like to give gifts on my birthday.

And now for some of the other amazing entries…

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IMG_0288 2

IMG_0289 2

IMG_0290 2

IMG_0291 2

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IMG_0294 2

IMG_0295 2

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IMG_0299 2

IMG_0300 2

IMG_0301 2

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IMG_0306 2

IMG_0307 2

IMG_0308 2

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Special Exhibit Room

The special exhibit this year was a look back at Tonner’s 25 amazing years of creating dolls. I tried to bribe the security guards to look the other way on a couple of things, but alas, they were all too honest. 😉

IMG_0311 2

IMG_0312 2

IMG_0313 2

IMG_0314 2

IMG_0315 2

IMG_0316 2

IMG_0317 1

IMG_0318 2

IMG_0322 2

IMG_0323 2

IMG_0324 2

IMG_0325 2

IMG_0326 2

IMG_0327 2

IMG_0328 2

IMG_0329 2

IMG_0330 2

IMG_0331 2

Such an amazingly talented team, to come up with so many beautiful creations! I only wish I had started collecting earlier, as many of these were long gone before I even discovered Tonner. But it was wonderful to see them in person!


WildeCon 2015: Royals Gone Wilde — Competition Room

For being a smaller convention than in previous years, the Competition Room was rockin’! Every category was represented and all the entries were really lovely.

This was the first year I entered dolls into competition. I had previously entered a handicraft and a couple of photographs a few years ago, but never a doll. As I can’t sew, I am restricted to the Mix and Match categories and the Poetry category.

Please forgive my hubris, but both the dolls I entered placed! Amazing!

For my first entry, I chose the ‘Monarch of the Glen’ category:

Scotland is calling: spring carpets of daffodils; highland hills, lochs and glens; Edinburgh, Inverness and Glascow; Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle, and Balmoral; a rich history and a vibrant present. Like Queen Elizabeth II and her forbears, your favorite Wilde Imagination doll retreats to Scotland: past or present. Take us there too by costuming him or her appropriately.

I dressed Ellowyne in a red dress with a riding hat and made a sash and rosette out of my Scottish great-great-grandmother’s traditional tartan, from Clan MacKenzie. I also fashioned a sporran out of a keychain and completed the look with a riding crop. (Note: When looking for dolly-sized riding crops online, be prepared to find dolly-sized bondage gear to go with it.)

Ready for a ride across the Scottish highlands!

Ready for a ride across the Scottish highlands!

My doll placed second! Though… there were only two entries, and the other was by the fab Peggy Foggio, but I am pleased to have placed second to her stunning creation!

The other category I entered was the one I was most looking forward to, the Royal-Tea Poetry category!

For the poets attending convention, we invite you to submit a short one to three verse poem about a Wilde Imagination doll of your choice and royal-tea. Please print your poem on an 8 1/2 by 11 page and place in a frame for display. To accompany your poem, dress and display the doll that inspired your royal-tea poetry. Judging will primarily focus on your poem; the doll is for fun.

Two days after the categories were announced, I had my poem written. I thought it was cute, but I knew there were other good poets out there. Surprise, surprise… I won first place!

'The Eternal Op-tea-mist'

‘The Eternal Op-tea-mist’

Ellowyne’s outfit was by Amy in Thailand and I put together her tea tray. Fortunately, the judging was on the poem, and not the doll, because the others were even more stunning!

The Eternal Op-tea-mist

The cake was sliced, the scones were hot,

I’d set a place for two.

I’d invited the Queen, who didn’t show —

Whatever shall I do?

So a tea for two became a party of three —

Just I, myself and me.

I ate the cake — every slice —

And sipped four cups of tea.

“Waste not, want not,” I said to me.

Myself said, “Do not sorrow.

Pass the scones and don’t you fret,

Perhaps she’ll come tomorrow.”

Thank you, judges! It was the highlight of the convention for me! Now… onto the rest of the competition dollies!

Category 1: Haute Royal (Ellowyne)

Love the one in blue!

Love the one in blue!

Penn looks dashing!

Penn looks dashing!

So very pretty!

So very pretty!


Category 2: Court of the Sun King (Ellowyne)

Egyptian Lizette was voted People's Choice. She was my vote as well!

Egyptian Lizette was voted People’s Choice. She was my vote as well!


Category 3: Royalscapades (Ellowyne)

Only one entry in this category but it was really cute and clever. Judges' Choice!

Only one entry in this category but it was really cute and clever. Judges’ Choice!


Category 4: The Wearing of the Purple (Evangeline)

By far, my favorite category!

By far, my favorite category!

I wanted to take both of these home with me!

I wanted to take both of these home with me!

Such talent! I'm jealous!

Such talent! I’m jealous!


Category 5: The King’s Favorite (Evangeline)

Loved the one on the right. Her repaint was amazing!

Loved the one on the right. Her repaint was amazing!

Accessories make the doll!

Accessories make the doll!


Category 6: Tilted Tiara (Open Doll)

Would love to try the technique used to make the ghost!

Would love to try the technique used to make the ghost!

Pink hair is to die for!

Pink hair is to die for!


Category 7: Wilde Imagination Meets Magic Kingdom (Open Doll)

Sad Sally was amazing here!

Sad Sally was amazing here!

Two Cruellas!

Two Cruellas!


Category 8: Monarch of the Glen (Open Doll)

Look at Peggy's gorgeous creation for Patience!

Look at Peggy’s gorgeous creation for Patience!


Category 9: Royal-tea Poetry (Open Doll)

So many talented poets!

So many talented poets!

Evangeline's outfit was amazing up close!

Evangeline’s outfit was amazing up close!



Can’t wait to see what the categories will be for the 25th Anniversary convention next June!